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Introduction to Election (Muhurt) branch of Vedic astrology

... V K Shridhar

We all know that fundamental of Hindu / Vedic philosophy is “Karma”. This has the best dilated in “Bhagvad Geeta”, straight from the mouth of the Lord Krishna. Without input (Karmas) there can be no output (fructification). Fundamentally, Vedic / Indian / Hindu astrology which has emanated from spiritualism, had two basic functions viz, propitiation (Yagya, Home, Tapa, Daana, Sanana, Japa, Mantras, Yantras, wearing gems, medicinal usage etc.) and Muhurt. Other branches of Vedic astrology were subsequently developed to meet the requirements of the masses from time to time. Predictive usage (Hora branch) was a subsequent development. Therefore Muhurt branch of astrology is held as the best branch of Vedic astrology.

Muhurt has emanated from Vedas, Shaastras, Puraanas, Shrutis, Smritis, scriptures, and other canonical, religious & mythological holy books. Perhaps there is no Hindu religious granth where Muhurt has not been referred to. “Vasist Samhita” is the oldest known treatise on Muhurt blessed to us many millenniums before Christ.

Western electional astrology is of recent origin & is still under infant stage using arbitrarily derived rules from predictive & horary astrology. Rules of Indian/ Vedic electional are different from those of Horary astrology; though the general principles of astrology are the same.

Muhurt is the most useful part of the astrology, & its other branches merely play a (minor) supporting role to it. No other branch of the existing knowledge guides an aspirant about the most opportune time to initiate an activity enabling him achieve the highest expected success. Success in a venture depends upon expertise & knowledge of the aspirant doer in the related activity and the time elected for initiation of the activity. Exponents have opined that one should not live in a city where there is no (competent) astrologer.

Muhurt covers all the life activities right from conception to performing of the last rites after death. It also covers some activities on which there is no human control; like puberty & teething; with a view to take precautionary measures in addition to delineating their effects. Like horoscopy deals with only one radical chart at the birth time, Muhurt deals with figures of the Heaven at each activity conducted by the doer after his birth. Wise men who believe in human effort (Purushartha) & intent to endeavour for the righteous effort at right time, take the benefit of the knowledge blessed by our Sages. The guidance provided by this branch of knowledge is fundamental, & when effectively used along with the sound professional knowledge related to the activity, degree of success & Siddhi is almost certainly assured.

Exponents of Hindu Muhurt astrology have gifted us numerous treatises covering almost all the life activities. They have given ample guidance on specific Muhurtas as well as general principles of Muhurtas, to cover activities related to future eras. In the past we had specialized & expert astrologers in every branch of astrology; not like the present-day astrologers who dare to render guidance on every field of astrology. Readers may be aware that except Acharya Vraha Mihir there has not been any astrologer in the past who has contributed in more than one single branch of astrology: then how the modern-day astrologers feel them selves competent to advise in more than one field of astrology. This is the most dreaded topic for discussion with professional astrologers.

Considerations in precise selection of an election

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Compliance of Muhurt:

For achieving high degree of success in a venture / activity, in addition to Muhurt, doer shall have to purify his body & mind; purify environments by performing Havan and or by incantation of Mantras; watch that no bad omen is seen at the time of initiation; needy people in the surroundings are made happy by donations; proper Swar (inhalation & exhalation by the prescribed nostril) is flowing. Finally the mind of the doer must agree to initiate the activity.

Aspirants may kindly note that there is no perfect Muhurt. Expert Astrologer is a mean to cull out an auspicious time for an event for an aspirant. Further auspicious Muhurt even if deciphered can be fully & completely complied by those who have done Punya Karmas. However, since Karmas which can be controlled by the aspirants, selection of an auspicious Muhurt certainly helps in successful fruition of the desires.

Muhurt is the most useful knowledge blessed to us by our sages, otherwise it would not have passed test of time for the last so may millenniums. No other science or the knowledge, thus far known, has the capability to let you know the best time to initiate an activity.

Therefore only wise men shall elect Muhurt for best possible success & fruition of their desires.

V K Shridhar is author of “Hindu Electional Astrology” – the largest compendium on Vedic Muhurtas

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