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In March, 2006, a discussion was initiated on the subject in wikipedia, but there was no response. For the benefit of users of astrology & for professional astrologers the debate is initiated again her. The matter is reproduced here :

Need for specialist astrologers

Now a days we find that most of astrologers worldwide intend to show that they are specialist in different branches of astrology, & also guide the aspirants. The debate is whether their claims can have some basis.

Vedic astrology has the richest literature covered in over 400,000 aphorisms, gifted by the Sages & Acharyas in the last over 5 millenniums. It has three main branches viz, astronomy (Siddhanta), Samhitas (dealing with mundane, meteorology, omens & portents, constructional matters, electional astrology etc.) & Predictive (Hora) astrology. The predictive astrology has various branches such as Horoscopy (Jaataki), Electional (Muhurt) astrology, Annual (Tajik) horoscopy, Horary (Prashna) astrology, Female (Streejaataki) horoscopy, Reconstructional (Nashtajaatakam) astrology, Jaimini Sutras (a special system of prediction), Astro - Palmistry (Graha- Samudriki), Remedial astrology etc. etc. But none of the exponents blessed us with treatises on more than one subject. The only except is the great Acharya Varaha Mihir – who gifted us excellent treatises on the three said branches.

Some of the exponents have opined that they have learnt this subject not only in this birth but is the outcome of their Karmas & study in their last births also. It is impossible for human being to learn & master one branch of this futurity science in one birth.

When none on the Hindu exponents have dared to touch more than one subject of Hindu astrology, it is now thought possible by modern astrologers to claim specialization in more than one branch of astrology.

Further when we have now specialist in the field of each branch of the knowledge like engineering, science, medicine, law, economics … ; how come that we have not felt the need for specialist astrologers in specific branch of astrology, & have been accepting astrologers capable to guide aspirants in more than one of its branches.

To cite an example, one may find astrologers generally engaged in predictive astrology; venturing to render guidance in electional branch, but when he would be asked as to how many books he has read on the subject or rather he possesses in his library; the answer shall be obvious.

One may excuse an astrologer claiming specialization in “Remedial Astrology” if the results do not come, consoling oneself that it may be effect of his Karmas in this & last birth. But how come you can excuse an astrologer who has rendered guidance to an aspirant, who does not have even a single book on electional astrology in his library.

We all understand limitations of knowledge in any field, but that does not authorize one to claim master of different fields, especially in astrology.
--shridharvk , 2, March 2006 (UTC)

It is not surprising that there are no comments / discussions on this topic for the last one month. Astrologers shun, rather fear to talk on this topic for the reasons best known to them.
I invite astrologers to have frank discussion on this topic.
--shridharvk , 4, April 2006 (UTC)
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Bhadra – no fear of celebrating Raksha Bandhan

Bhadra – no fear of celebrating Raksha Bandhan

Today in a famous Indian news channel there was a programme at 16.00 IST that “Raksha Bandhan” – festival celebrated by sisters & brothers for mutual welfare etc.,. It was advised that
a) During Bhadra (Vishti Karan) prevailing from 01.00 IST to 17.13 IST, the said festival should not be celebrated.
b) However during mid-day time (from 12.13 to 12.51 IST), it can be celebrated.
c) Saroop Nakha / Ravan & Draupadi/ lord Krisha (sisters & bothers) who celebrated this festival during currency of Bhadra had faced the wrath, known to all of us.

Apparently the purpose of the telecast was advisory. But this shall certainly lead to immense difficulties to the sisters who go to their brothers’ place for celebrating the festival. Due to propagation of this blind faith a fear psychosis shall be inducted in them, in case they do not adhere to the advice. More so by citing the examples from our sacred books, a fear has been generated among the sisters & brother becomes many folds.

Social customs & religious dictums over-rule the logics. But we must examine the logic part of the cautions telecasted as above.

First of all the Vishti Karan (Bhadra) starts at 03.59 IST (not from 01.00 IST) & ends at 17.12 IST. Bhadra, having duration half of a Tithi; occurs 8 times in a Lunar month. It occurs on first half of full Moon day (15th Tithi) on all the Lunar months. Therefore on every festivals of “Raksha Bandhan” – Bhadra prevails during its first half of the 15th Tithi (Full Moon day).

I am not aware the text from which the acharya has culled the references that Saroop Nakha / Ravan & Draupadi/ lord Krishna had suffered in their lives ONLY due the fact that had once celebrated the festival during currency of Bhadra. In my opinion a mere mistake like this in nature in performing a ceremony like “Raksha Bandhan”, can not bring such a bad luck as it was propagated to support the argument advising refraining celebrations during Bhadra. It is mere exaggerations & illogical.

I am sure that all of us must have celebrated the festival many times during currency of Bhadra. But all of us have not met the adverse fate as deadened in the cited examples.

It was recommended that from 12.13 to 12.51 IST, the festival can be celebrated, being Madhyanha (mid-day). Detailed logic was not given, but it appears that it relates Abhijit Muhurt; which prevails 24 minutes before & after local mid-day (for 12 hours daytime length).

Mid-day is a local phenomenon, and in the telecast the time was to be complied all over the country. In Delhi mid-day shall be at 12.27 IST, and day length is 13h 26m. At Delhi Abhijit Muhurt starts at 12.00 IST and ends at 12.54 IST on august 5, 2009. It is a local phenomenon. It appears that there has been some error in calculations. It was not told as to which anti dote he was referring to.

During the discussion it was mentioned that Bhadra is said to be daughter of the Sun. Lot many Muhurt treatises have references of Bhadra Devi mentioning that she was born from the body of Lord Shiva to kill Daityas. Bhadra has an ass face, three legs, seven arms, black in colour, long tail, fire emanating from her mouth, eyes like cowrie (cyprcea moneta) and emanates sound like thundering of clouds. After her birth she smeared her body with fire ash, wore clothes made from shrouds & rode on dead bodies in funeral / burial place. After developing a huge body, fierily attacked like a thunder on the army of the Daityas. After massacring the Daityas she resided in the ear of the Lord Shiva & decorated the same. Thus the pleased Devatas established the Bhadra Devi at the end of the movable Karanas.

With the blessing of the Lord Shiva she engulfs / eats all the efforts made in Manglik works conducted during the Vishti Karan with her fire like tongue. Thus Manglik works like marriage, Upanayana and the like auspicious works, travel, entering into a house must be shunned without fail during Vishti Karan.

Prescribed works in Bhadra are: arresting, tying, administering poison, igniting fire, use of weapon, tearing or cutting an object, inflicting sorrow, all type of works related to camel, horse, & buffalo; birth of a horse & donkey, cooking, worshipping of lord Shiva & Parvati, & fort also.

Even when Bhadra is highly inauspicious, Acharya Kalidas (author of Jyotirvidabhranam- an authoritative treatise on Muhurt) has advised that worshipping during Parvati Ashtami (Hartalika), worshipping of Lord Shiva & Parvati, worshipping of one’s deity, water storage (dam), starting of Yagya, conducting Yagya, Holika, Shravani Karam, Jaatkaram Samskar, barter in trade, pious work & giving an item to a king always yield good results.

But there are lot many antidotes and exceptions to initiate other / important life activities during currency of Bhadra; described as below:

a) When Bhadra resides in heaven or Hades (like it shall be on August 5, 2009 – in Capricorn sign) essential works can be conducted.
b) The Bhadra Dosha is considered at all places. However in Bengal, Nepal & Mithila, the Bhadra Dosha is only considered during Shravana & Falguni (Holi festival).
c) Bhadra is not malefic after mid-day (Muhurt Ganpati – 6/25)
d) Bhadra head in Krishan Paksha & tail in Shukla Paksha can be used. Nominal duration of tail part of Bhadra is 72 minutes.

It is accepted that during currency of Bhadra auspicious life activities are not performed and that if Muhurt is to be elected during its period then, must be selected by in case of urgency by expert professional astrologer.

Let us understand difference between Muhurt & celebration of an annual festival. Muhurt is elected for life time activities performed generally once. For celebration of annual festival like “Raksha Bandhan”, such fears must not be generated among the masses. It may not be out of the context to mention that our one Chief Minister had taken oath during the currency of Bhadra & very successfully completed the full tenure, and was also again re-elected.

There is no dictum in Muhurt (election) treatises that “Raksha Bandhan” should not be celebrated during Bhadra. Under the ensuing Bhadra on “Raksha Bandhan” following is recommended:

a) The festival may be celebrated during currency of 15th Tithi (from 03.59 IST on August 5, 2009 to 06.25 IST on August 6, 2009); by those who have not been complying any Muhurt for “Raksha Bandhan” so far.

b) Those who are interested in selection of an auspicious time may follow:

i) Bhadra tail period starts at 11.50 IST & ends at 13.51 IST. Thereafter Bhadra’s head period starts and ends at 16.05 IST. Tail period can be used.
ii) It can well be performed after local Mid-day.
iii) It can well be performed during Abhijin Muhurt, For calculating Abhijin Muhurt log on to
iv) Tail period coinciding with Abhijin Muhurt can very well be used, more so as the Moon is simultaneously transiting Capricorn – without any fear. This shall be an auspicious Muhurt.

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