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a discussion by author of “Hindu Electional Astrology

Every year when Akshaya Tritiya approaches, web sites and blogs are full to exploit the masses, since the latter have no direct accesses to the original dictums on Muhurt (election). More so by some Indian TV channels, of late, have been inducing fears in public minds whenever there is any unusual planetary combination or astronomical phenomenon. Some of their remedial measures were only known to them, thusfar.

Lord Vishnu is tutelary lord of this Tithi. According to Hindu mythology, this day is associated with pooja of Lord Vishnu, Tithi prevailing at the start of Treta Yuga (also called as Yugadi Tithi), Parshuram Jayati (incarnation of Lord Vishnu), Kuber Lakshami Pooja, pooja of Goddess Tulsi, the day Sage Vyasa began the composition of Mahabharata, Sudama’s visit to Lord Krishna in Dwarka, Balaram Jayanti….

In electional astrology, life activities are broadly divided in two categories, viz, spiritual / religious & worldly / materialistic activities. Akshaya Tritiya being one of the most powerful election (covered under Sade Teen Muhurt) according to Hindu electional astrology. – which covers beneficial elections in respect of religious activities; and not the latter. Punya Karmas (meritorious deeds) performed on the said Tithi yields manifolds beneficial effects.

This year third Tithi of Vaishakha (Shuddha) lunar month starts at 04.10 IST on 16th May, 2010 & ends at 02.31 IST on 17th May, 2010. It coincides with Mrigshira nakshatra starting from 01.18 IST on 16th, ending at 00.25 on 17th May. Currency period of Monday (from local Sunrise to local Sunset period) & Mrigshira results in “Sarvarth Siddha Yoga’, ‘Amrit Yoga’ & ‘Amrit Siddha’ Yogas – very beneficial & powerful Muhurt Yogas. Concurrency of adverse “Vidal Yoga’ does not diminish beneficial effects of the earlier said Yogas. Further, From 14th April to 14th May, 2010 Adhik / Mala Vaishakha Maas; by both Shukladi or Krishnadi mode of reckoning lunar months; shall be over before the forthcoming Akshaya Tritiya. Thus according to Hindu electional astrology, the forthcoming Akshaya Tritiya is very auspicious Tithi. The Sun & the Moon are not brightest during the current Tithi. Because of Mal Vaishakha Maas, the Sun & the Moon are in Taurus this time. Deep exaltation of the both planets is not astrological feasible on this Tithi. On certain Akshaya Tritiya; either of them in deep exaltation & other in exaltation sign with concurrency of beneficial Muhurt Yogas, would be a dream position for electional astrologers. Perhaps on such planetary position composition of Mahabharat was initiated by the sage Vaid Vyasa.

But there is a caution: no auspicious time is beneficial for all the persons for initiating all types of life activities. Muhurt is the most beneficial branch of Vedic/Hindu astrology, and only specialized in the field may be able to guide the individuals for specific Muhurt.

Certainly the forthcoming Tithi is very very beneficial for Punya Karmas. Donations, Poojas, Jap, Tap, Snaan, Havan, Homas etc shall, yield many fold beneficial effects. During currency of Yugadi and Manvadi Tithis prohibited activities are: Upnayana, marriage, ending of fast, house construction & entering thereof, travailing and plantation. In Muhurt treatises purchase of gold in not recommended during Akshaya Tritiya, so do not follow blindly. For Muhurt of worldly activities – do consult astrologer specialized in electional astrology.

...V K Shridhar


V K Shridhar is author of “Hindu Electional Astrology”- the largest compendium on Vedic / Hindu system of Muhurt (election) astrology. Readers may log on to

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